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Firefly & Serenity Icon Contest Community

Your friendly neighborhood mods are hbpen (HB), loudreality, (Milla) and evergleam83 (Heather). Milla wrote this "info" madness, and neither HB nor Heather take any credit for it. Or maybe they do and they just forgot to tell Milla.

On FRIDAYS, one challenge will end and a new one will begin.

No spoiler cuts are required,
but if you feel the need, ok.

The prefered way to post your entry is to post the icon, and then the actual url (not a link to the url) below the icon (along with whatever you want to post with it), like this:


Just after a new challenge is posted, you get to start making icons!
--When this happens, we expect you to create a lovely little number that not only fits the challenge, but also lj requirements of 100x100 pixels (or smaller. Milla especially likes rectangles, since she's totally not a square) and less than 40k.
--If the challenge is a theme, we will give you basic instructions and you will have free reign to do what you will and create something that fits the theme. You may use any image from Firefly, including screencaps, photos of the actors (in character!) deleted scenes, etc.
--If the challenge is a screencap, you may use only the cap given. You are allowed to use stocks and, to an extent, other images as long as the cap provided is the main focus of the icon! Mini-movies are not allowed. Otherwise filter, colorize, and crop to your heart's content.
--When you enter, please do so by posting a new entry to the community. That way, if you choose to include a tutorial (which makes us ohsogiddy!) then you can do so. People can comment and critique and share the love. Because this community is really about peace and love as much as it is about competition. We're like western hippies in space playing dodgeball... or something.
--You may enter an already made icon if it fits, but we prefer that you make a new one for each challenge.
--If you have problems with hosting your image, email me at mahansen [at] gmail [dot com] and we can work something out.
-- Questions? Check this post.

Just before a new challenge is posted, you will see a voting post!
--When this happens, everyone will vote for their top 3 icons in order of preference by commenting on said post, where you will be able to see everyone's icons from that week.
--You must vote if you want to win. We aren't too strict about this, but we prefer that everyone who wants to win also contributes to the winning of others. Also, this community is about appreciating art as well as creating it. That's a really inane statement which has no purpose, but I'm just saying... The exception is if you let either of the mods know ahead of time that you won't be able to vote. The circumstances don't really matter, and we honestly don't care where you'll be or what you'll be doing there (unless it's something really cool like a con and you want to send us presents. we like presents!), but just let us know.
--You may not vote for yourself. If you do, it won't count, and you'll likely be disqualified.

Winners will be announced on Monday night!
--When this happens, you will see a post and in it will be 5 winners: First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and Big Damn Hero.
--Big Damn Hero is a mod's choice, one chosen by each currently active mod. We probably won't tell you which one is whose choice, but if you ask and give us cookies we'll probably tell you. Though a secret to knowing is that we're both selfish brats and will probably post our own choice first, so whoever posts probably chose the first of the two ;)
--We expect no whining or complaining, only congratulatory remarks and happiness. Again with the peace and love.

Banners will be made... uh, probably not!



contact me in my personal journal or at the email listed above if you would like to add your community to this list